One-on-one networking: The future of business

Imagine entering a room full of people that share the motivation to evolve the world of eCommerce. Imagine being there for one day. Imagine having no limits as to what can happen in terms of ideas, business development, and partnerships.

No amount of online reach out can surpass the power of being one-on-one with the most important people in today’s e-commerce industry:

  1. It enhances credibility and trust in you and your brand/product;
  2. Engage in discussions with multiple industry leaders and gain new insights;
  3. It is the best environment for engagement and leadership;

We know that living in the digital age has transformed the way we perceive reality and people are already doing business from the comfort of their mobile/portable device. Still, there are some of us that have the drive to build/offer a different experience when it comes to human connection.

Human beings are social animals and we are hardwired to crave for deep meaningful connections with others around us. Why do we connect so strong with a brand like Apple? Because we feel that someone is there, listening to our needs and doing their best to fill them. Now try to imagine how a conference can help you become more in touch with your tribe and discover how to make better connections between your product/brand and its customers.

It’s not about learning new things but more about realizing that people are not data/numbers and we must invest more time to nurture those relationships. Leaders that are on top of their industry know that the most efficient way to profitable relationships is to treat each customer as if it were a market in itself.

Conferences are not exclusive anymore because of how fast the information gets shared. We can’t say that going there is going to show us something we’ve never seen before but we could get something else that is even more valuable.

We are in full transition to flexible/remote working so how can a conference still convince us that it’s worth our time, no matter how future-oriented it may seem?

  • You can either talk to someone on Facebook/Slack and discuss an idea or attend a conference in your town and literally be able to meet the potential business partner face to face;
  • The battle is now amongst the ones that create the most engaging customer experiences and we believe that nothing can overthrow/surpass the power of one-to-one interactions if you are to gain insights into the world of your customers;
  • Attend keynotes that will boost your knowledge about the industry standards. We know that you can get stats and case studies on Google, but stats in real time are more valuable;
  • Workshops and Masterclasses that extend for up to 3 hours, where you can directly talk with the speaker on any given subject related to his field of interest;
  • Networking with the core of the digital and eCommerce industry. We know that Facebook is trending but think about how much you miss for not being one-on-one with your partners in the industry;
  • Exchanging knowledge can help drive the growth of the industry and repay your business in ways that you can not even imagine;
  • Human face-to-face interaction will never become obsolete but rather more of luxury in the years to come;


Marriot JW will be hosting this year’s edition of TeComm – eCommerce Conference&Expo in Bucharest on the 10th of April.